Sunday, February 15

Who are we? And why do you care?

I'm Anna. My friend Jane and I like to explore Memphis (hence the name of the blog) and try new things. Wait, this is us:

So anyway, we have a list of things to do in the city. For example, we ate chicken feet last night. Well, I just licked it; Jane actually crunched through bone. Eww.

Check out that chicken foot! No way am I biting that.

Jane's preparing to crunch through.

Why do you care? If you're an early reader, it's because Jane and I pressured you to read and pretend to care. But Memphis is a fun town that's easy to put down. This is our little way of reminding our fellow city-dwellers of the happy little places hiding around the corner. So come explore with us. (We promise we won't force you to eat chicken feet.)


  1. I want to do a photo shoot at voodoo village

  2. Where's Voodoo Village? Is that something I'm supposed to know already?

  3. This is the best Anna and Jane blog in the whole wide world!